Ports of Entry

Danville Wash POE – 1897
The first store, built 1889, is from the same “Illustrated History” book.  This was the original store in Nelson (re-named Danville)
The second store – I believe mis-labeled 1889 was the temporary store on the US/Canada border (Note that they hauled the Big Sign to this operation!)
After a fire consumed the original store, a replacement 2-story structure was built in it’s place about 1900.
btw, the “Nelson Brothers”  were actually Uncle (Ole B.Nelson) and his Nephew (Peter B. Nelson).  Not brothers, although a younger brother of Peter B. Nelson, Nels, came out and worked in the store in 1899.
Calexico POE’s 1920
Calexico Poe’s 1920’s
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